Bazy i Systemy Bankowe Sp. z o.o. (BSB) is a company with nearly 40 years of history in the IT. BSB’s offer, as a producer and an integrator of IT solutions, is dedicated primarily to the institutions of the financial sector, especially banking, insurance, and public administration.

The company also offers IT outsourcing services, including cloud computing, as well as consulting and training.


  1. Management Board- 2013-07-05

    On 27th of May 2013 at the BSB Supervisory Board meeting the new Management Board was appointed.

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  2. Implementation of sorbELIX in banks completed- 2013-07-04

    On 10th of June 2013 BSB Sp. of o.o. completed the implementation of the sorbELIX system in banks that decided to cooperate with the company.

    more Implementation of sorbELIX in banks completed

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